Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Even the Apocalypse Can't Stop These Librarians


There is a whole lot of post-apocalyptic hysteria going through today’s pop-cuture. From the Walking Dead/Last of Us zombie craze all the way to the Divergent/Hunger Games Orwell-did-it-better worlds, for some reason modern viewers want to see what happens next. I don’t know if this is a craze of a fantasy future or is people are really seeing the end times coming.

Naturally, my plans in the post-apocalyptic survival involve a library. That is the only reason I ask: What does happen to all the libraries?

Within the post-apocalyptic literature, there seems to be two different types of future. One has a more fend-for-yourself/everything-is-destroyed/all-your-friends-and-family are gone feel. The other has the 1984 and Big Brother situation. My view of the apocalypse is the first one. If something happens, everyone will panic.

But what happens to the libraries?! What happens to knowledge?! In a world where most of our items are stored in a cloud, what happens when the electronics all run out of charge?

Enter two of my favorite, and extremely unappreciated librarians: 3 and 4 from the animated movie 9.


For those of you who are not familiar with the movie, 9 began as a short film by Shane Aker and was quickly gobbled up by Tim Burton and his crew. Premireing on 9-9-09, the movie begins after the humans have all been destroyed by a toxic gas war. Only the machines remain.
In the final days, a scientist mixed technology and magic to transfer bits of his soul into 9 poppets in order to live on and rebuild humanity…..somehow. The movie is not one for details and has some huge holes. However, its animation and voice acting are sublime. Its typical Tim Burton creepy feel also makes it totally worth watching if at least once!

Talk about a dire situation. There are literally no humans left on the planet. There is no one left to spread the knowledge to. But these two work tirelessly to catalog the apocalypse anyway, using their own system that functions despite the lack of computers and despite the fact that they are the size of a soda bottle. Just take a look at the following clip to get a feel for it:

I find it inspiring that when the scientist transferred his soul into the poppets, he had to use two of them to fill up his thirst for knowledge and preservation of information. If I was to transfer my soul, I too would hope to fill more than one doll with my skillz.

Let’s just say that in a future that looks this bleak, I am glad to know that the twins will be there to make sure that the knowledge of humanity will live on.

Me when I see someone good-looking

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