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Hello and Welcome!

At the risk of drowning myself in the pop-culture librarian blogs that are out there, I really just find myself wanting to write and perfect my skills. I will humbly take critiques and gladly accept praise. Anything to better myself personally and professionally.

My name is Amanda Sexton and I am currently nestled in the mountains of East Tennessee, USA, living where you would probably want to vacation. I attend the University of Tennessee Knoxville in their School of Information Science and am currently growing in the field professionally (nice way of saying I am jobless or interning most of the time).

I greatly enjoy reading (duh) and other such activities that librarians find typical. I would like to think that one day I too will grow up and have some secret magical power or house some huge conspiracy such as your favorite film librarians: Flynn Carsen, Rupert Giles, and Evelynn O'Connell to start. Pft, for all you guys know, I am already the keeper of some large magical conspiracy. But if you did know, I would have to kill you :)

Long story short, you really need to stand out in this field. I do not; not yet at least. Chances are that you don't either. So let us together think of ways to spread this blog into a how-to-manual for the new age of librarians everywhere!

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